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"Shall We Talk" x Eason Chan

Ambassador - Eason Chan

“Shall We Talk” is a mental health promotion and public education initiative launched by the Advisory Committee on Mental Health since July 2020. Singer Eason Chan has been appointed as the initiative's ambassador, and his classic Canto-pop song “Shall We Talk” (Chinese: 「陪我講」) has been chosen as the theme of the initiative to arouse public attention to mental well-being.

Eason is a famous male singer in Hong Kong with distinguished music achievements. He has won numerous music awards worldwide throughout his career. With his unique style of singing and remarkable technique, he has performed a number of popular songs that are close to Hong Kong people’s hearts, “Shall We Talk” is one of the classics. In 2014, he was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Arts by Kingston University of the United Kingdom in recognition of his significant contribution to the music industry. Outside his music career, Eason is committed to serving the community and supporting charitable activities. In 2018, he held a concert for charity purpose, which was highly appreciated by the public and media. 

The initiative’s theme song “Shall We Talk” is about family love and communication. Its simple and straightforward lyrics touch the hearts of many in Hong Kong, and encourage everyone to talk and share with others. Eason attaches great importance to mental well-being with his personal history of mental distress. As the initiative’s ambassador, he is dedicated to promoting mental health in the community and sending positive message to the public by performing a rearranged version of “Shall We Talk” and engaging in the production of videos as well as other publicity and educational materials. 

Appeal video from Eason